Small, single arm hoop - perfect for professional monogramming and lettering needs.

Please note, the Monogram Hoop Adapter is required when using this hoop. 

J1 n°11 (D30 mm)
Hoop J1 n°12 (D30 mm)
Hoop J2 n°6 (25x54 mm)
Hoop J3 n°13 (64x28 mm)
Hoop J4 n°8 (42x67 mm)
Hoop J5 n°3 (46x46 mm)
Hoop J6 N°2 (66x66 mm)
Hoop J6 n°9 (66x66 mm)
Hoop J7 n°1 (110x95 mm)
Hoop J8 n°7 (120x121 mm)



Hoops and Frames in action

  • Elna 9900 - Ref Nr : 770487900

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