Here's the answer! Elna has designed this table to give you the room you need for your larger sewing and quilting projects. Notice how the front of the table is curved. This allows your fabrics to feed smoothly without getting caught on a sharp edge or corner.

Look how nicely it complements the 6600 Quilter's Dream 2!


And it also fits the Elna 6200, Elna 6005 Heirloom Edition and Elna 6001 Decorator's Touch machines.

For those of you with Elna model 3230 or 3210, you'll be pleased to know that there is a version made just for your machine, too.

Elna 9500
Elna 7300
Elna 7200 PRO
Elna 6600
Elna 6200
Elna 3230
Elna 3210


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