Elna 9600

Truly inspirational !

Time to raise the curtain on Elna's Haute Couture, the new muse of fashion. Awaken the fashionista inside you with this jewel of technology. An avant-garde wonder to turn dressmaking preconceptions upside down.

Elna's Haute Couture is the only compact machine with the talent to quilt and embroider as well as sew. A kind-hearted, easy-to-use little gem, with just one ambition : to bring your talents to the fore.

The Haute Couture aspires to perfection. With a special allure, and a side-order of audacity and style, it gives you the luxury and freedom to create your own range of madeto-measure clothes and accessories - with no need for a flurry of assistants. Unrivalled sewing functions give you perfect control over a huge range of fabrics, with those little fashion details that make all the difference. You'll be seduced by the impeccable quality of the embroidery options, delivering fi nishes worthy of the fi ne traditions of the great fashion houses. And - thanks to a new assisted quilting system - Elna's Haute Couture also lets you harness the art of quilting to design sumptuous evening dresses, sophisticated stoles, and exuberantly elegant bustiers.

Now it's your turn in the spotlight.

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New wave - Quilting finally mastered. At the cutting edge: lightly-padded bustiers as worn by the stars. You'll be the one turning heads at the fashion parade.



New wave
Elna 8600 Xplore built-in carriage

An original evening bag

The elegance and dash of a velvet and vinyl evening bag, decorated with a pre-programmed wave-form quilting stitch. No more freehand drudgery!



A feast for the eyes - So easy to turn basic stitches into decorative motifs. Turns the everyday into something really special.




Elna 8600 Xplore LCD screen
Elna Xplore 8600 stitches

A touch of freedom - Ergonomic knee-lifter which easily adapts to fit your shape.

Leaving your hands completely free.




Pinpoint accuracy with onscreen adjustment to the milllimeter. Assembling, over-stitching, bias-binding or edging - for ultra-high fashion finishes.



Elna Xplore 8600 stitches

Delightfully sophisticated buttonholes

A wealth of refined detail - inlcuding an impressive array of buttonholes. Pure glamour!



Elna Haute Couture.




Elna 8600 Xplore LCD screen
Elna Xplore 8600 stitches

Fashion Comfort

An automatic needle threader, to ensure you start as you mean to go on.



Standard Accessories

A vast choice of accessories.




Elna 8600 Xplore LCD screen
Elna Xplore 8600 stitches

Top Models -Keep things simple with two classic embroidery hoops.


Optional: a unique, high-stability, extra-large hoop. Often imitated; never equalled.




Fagoting, piping, retro-effects - attention to detail always pays dividends.

Elna Xplore 8600 stitches



Elna Xplore 8600 stitches


Plenty of well-placed connections, including a USB port.




  • Moveable full-colour LCD screen (122 x 91 mm)
  • Automatic / programmable thread cutter (scissors button)
  • Start / stop button
  • Up / down needle key
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Needle threader
  • 8 white LED lamps illuminate entire sewing area
  • Computerized thread tension control
  • Drop feed dog
  • External memory device : ATA card / USB memory key  
  • Multi-voltage
  • Independent bobbin-winding motor
  • Multilingual interface - 10 languages
  • Upper & bobbin thread sensor
  • Hard cover with storage box
  • Quilting Features
  • Advanced Quilting system: 

    • Advanced Quilting Guide
    • Advanced Quilting Hoop (140x200mm)
    • 24 Advanced Quilting Designs and Patterns
    • Advanced Quilting Calculator
    • Advanced Quilting Print Tool
    • Advanced Quilting Template
    • Automatic stippling stitches for the Advance Quilting Hoop
    • Ergonomic adjustable knee-lifter
    • Built-in "hand-look" stitches
    • Victim

  • 170 embroidery designs including 48 exclusive quilting designs
  • 10 alphabets and two- and three-letter monograms
  • Lettering - upper & lower case
  • Programmable thread-cutter for skipped stitches
  • Automatic needle return after thread break
  • Maximum embroidery size : 200 x 280 mm
  • Embroidery format : .JEF & .JEF+
  • File storage: built-in 3G memory, ATA card, USB memory stick, CD-Rom and PC connection
  • Instantly adjustable embroidery speed, from 60 to 800 spm

  • 347 built-in stitches, including 38 exclusive to Elna
  • 13 buttonholes
  • 4 alphabets available in upper and lower case 
  • Maximum stitch length : 5 mm
  • Maximum stitch width : 7 mm
  • Satin stitch elongation
  • Memory cancellation and recall
  • Folder system : built-in, ATA card, USB
  • Twin needle key



  • Hoops:
    • 3 standard hoops included (200 x 200 mm / 140 x 200 mm / 126 x 110 mm)
    • 3 optional hoops (200 x 280 mm / 140 x 200 mm / 50 x 50 mm)
  • "Clothsetter" table 
  • PC Digitizer EX software



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