Elna Customizer EX

Whether you're a beginner or a cutting-edge couturier, Elna's Customizer EX helps you realize beautiful embroideries in the blink of an eye.

Specially developed for Elna embroidery machines, Customizer EX makes embellishing and personalizing your creations as simple as 1-2-3.

Easy and fun to use, Customizer EX opens up a whole new world of decorative possibilities - with exceptional results every time.

Create new embroidery designs in a single click!

Customizer EX comes complete with a large selection of Clip Art that's ready to turn into fabulous embroideries. A simple click, and you're ready to embark on your first creation.



Maybe you'd prefer to create your very own original design and scan it, or import a bitmap pattern? No problem! You can select and personalize each individual element, thanks to a huge choice of colours and fill stitches.


Mix-and-match your designs

Customizer EX allows you to create just about any size embroidery, right up to 9 sheets of A4! Using the ‘Layout' function, simply select the number of sheets you want to work with. Elna's special Clothsetter (optional accessory) helps you quickly and effortlessly create stunning embroideries that extend as far as the eye can see!


Alphabets and monograms

Embroidered script is always a great look. Customizer EX makes it easy to choose the perfect typography, size and formatting for your text. And why not bring your words to life by combining them with a stunning embroidered design?

Fast, professional results!

Your design is ready to embroider! Simply save it to a USB key or an ATA card. Elna's Customizer EX software also allows you to transfer your embroidery motifs directly from a PC to your machine (for models that support a direct PC connection), so you always stay on top of your work.


And more...

Customizer EX comes with sophisticated functions that allow you to easily create your own unique designs. And if you're stumped for inspiration, simply choose from the vast selection of ready-to-use designs, or from the extensive library of clip art.


Compatible Machines

  • Elna 9600 "Haute Couture" - Ref Nr : 395751-65
  • Elna 9500 - Ref Nr : 395751-65
  • Elna 8600 - Ref Nr : 395751-65
  • Elna 8300 - Ref Nr : 395751-65
  • Elna 8200 Xperience - Ref Nr : 395751-65
  • Elna 8100 - Ref Nr : 395751-65

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