Elnapress 320


The Elnapress 320 lets you iron all clothes and all fabrics quickly, simply and comfortably. With impeccable results. Pressure, heat and humidity : the elnapress is the only machine to offer these three functions for top ironing quality of all your clothes.

Stylishly designed to grace any home, it is made from only best materials ensuring both efficiency and durability.

The Elnapress 320 is designed to completely replace your hand iron and will handle all of your pressing needs including woollens and delicate materials.

Shirts, jeans, trousers, bedding, curtains - the Elnapress 320 can tackle them all with ease.  Pressing is faster than ironing, therefore saving time and money. 

And don't forget about your favourite crafts - transfers, sequins, etc

With just a little practice, you'll be able to achieve a professional laundry finish in just half the time.

The Elnapress 320 is:

Comfortable and stress free, easy to set up, carry and store - you can sit down to use an Elnapress. Can be used safely on any sturdy surface no scorching of garments with the safety shut-off system. Lowering the 2nd handle of the Elnapress 320, provides 45kg of pressure.


  • The Elnapress can exert up to 45 kg/100 lbs of pressure by simply closing the Press. The ironing pressure can be regulated by how far you lower the right movable handle. For more delicate fabrics such as sweater knits or velvets, it is only necessary to lower the handle about half-way.

Ironing Board
The ironing board is a large 62cm x 25cm size for quicker and easier pressing.

The Elnapress has been designed with a large space in the back to accommodate bigger items such as sheets and tablecloths.

A control dial is used to set the temperature as you require.

Energy efficient
  • In addition, the Elnapress 320 is energy efficient - it average consumption between 600- 800 watts.

  • Best of all, it's easy to care for.
  • Clean the heating shoe periodically to remove any residue that might have accumulated from spray starches, adhesives, etc.
  • And for best pressing results, the ironing board cover and foam padding should be replaced when they become worn. How simple!

Safety Features
If the Elnapress is left closed for more than 10 seconds, a safety buzzer will sound and the electrical current will be shut off after idle for 15 minutes. The electrical current will resume when the Elnapress is opened again.

Technical Details

  • . Ironing board : 11 layers of Finnish birch wood
  • . Heating shoe in Peraluman
  • . Built-in lights
  • . Automatic pressure of 45 kg (100 lb)
  • . Voltage (according to the countries): 100, 120, 220-240 V
  • . Initial electrical input( according the countries) between 700 - 1000 W
  • . Average consumption of 600-800 W
  • . Electronical temperature control
  • . Control panel for temperature adjustment

Compatible Accessories

  • . Spray bottle
  • . Ironing cushion
  • . Instructions Manual
  • . Instructional DVD
  • . Optional vapojet system
  • . Optional dust cover
  • . Optional cushion for sleeve

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