Elna 664PRO

So Cool!
Hey girls, make your skirt hem or sew stretch fabrics seem you difficult? Not with the Elna 664PRO! Want you an ally for your sewing machine? With the Elna 664PRO you can sew with 2, 3 or 4 threads. The program reference panel will tell you how to adapt your machine for each selection. You can also join seams rounded ... in a jiffy !

Stretch fabrics




Built-in accessory storage

You'll always be perfectly organized.



Program reference cards

A mini instruction book always at your fingertips.






To hell with constraints, and long live a tiltable needle clamp. A smart system for threading, adding or removing needles.





Neat and Tidy

A neat waste bin to collect surplus fabrics and thread ends. For a work surface that's always tidy.




Elna Xplore 8600 advisory messages

Sheers fabrics

Stretch fabrics and sheers difficult?

Not with the Elna 644PRO!


Stitch variations

Which one appeals to you? Try them all.



Elna Xplore 8600 edit stitches

It's a Breeze

Four-thread super-strength seams let you work with any fabric you like - even the stretchiest. Go for a windproof vinyl jacket ; Why not?








  • Built-in program reference panel
  • Automatic tension release
  • Built-in 2-thread converter
  • Tilting needle clamp
  • Instant rolled hem device
  • Self-threading lower looper
  • Front cover safety system
  • Pre-tension slider ( 3/4 - 2 thread )
  • Color-coded threading routes
  • Cutting blade
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Telescopic thread antenna system
  • Electronic foot control
  • Waste tray included
  • Exclusive Elna accessory box
  • Dust cover
    • Number of Threads : 4/3/2
    • Safety 4 Thread
    • Stretch Knit
    • Gathering 4
    • Stretch Wrapped
    • 3 Thread Wide
    • Overlock 3
    • Narrow Hem 3
    • Rolled Hem 3/2
    • Overcast 2
    • Flatlock 3/2

Compatible Accessories

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